Design Of Bizmart UOB Bank Financial Service Promotion

Ira Wirasari, Muhammad Ichwan

Indonesia has many entrepreneurs with quite creative business fields. Even Small and Mediem Enterprises or SMEs can become one of the social wheels in Indonesia to cover such dense employment. However, many of these SMEs fail to develop. This was conveyed in’s official page that SMEs in Indonesia stagnated from 70%-80% due to lack of guidance and education in managing  their partnerships. This high number makes the author want to raise a breakthrough online financial technology from Bizsmart that is able uses qualitative methods and uses creative strategies so that this application information can reach the public with media that is easily accessible by the community. Therefore, it is hoped that this promotion of planning can reduce the stagnation rate of SMEs in Indonesia and the Bizsmart application is more widely used by business people.

Keyword : Design, promotion, financial, Small and Medium Enterprises

Dipublikasikan pada Seminar Internasional Convash 2019, Prosiding CONFERENCE OF VISUAL-ART, DESIGN, AND SOCIAL-HUMANITIES (Convash 2019), 2 November 2019