Film Indie “Tanda Tanya (?)”, Representasi Perlawanan, Pembebasan, dan Nilai Budaya

Riksa Belasunda1 dan Setiawan Sabana2

1School of Creative Industries, Telkom University

[email protected]

The study was conducted in an effort to learn more about the notion that indie film as a representation of resistance against restrictions as well as a representation of liberation and democratization of post-reform media. Aa well as an effort to find out more about how the free interpretation of audience’s on the film’s text. The case study conducted through the research object indie film “Tanda Tanya (?)”. A qualitative research approach to cultural studies through interdisciplinary research method hermeneutic phenomenology with descriptive interpretative techniques. The film’s text is a representation of resistance on the socio-political condition of the New Order period are influenced by: (a) reform euphoria that created freedom; (b) the expression of which is contrary to the narrative of nation hegemony; (c) circulation of audiovisual media; (d) highlighted the efforts of local identity and local-global dialectic. In relation to the interpretation of the text contained cultural values; radical relativity and the plurality.

Keywords: indie film, film’s text, resistance and liberation, cultural value

Dipublikasikan pada Panggung Jurnal Seni Budaya, Vol 26 No. 1, 48-57. DOI: